Do you REALLY know what your thermal cycler is doing with your critical PCR samples?

Do you REALLY know what your thermal cycler is doing with your critical PCR samples?

It's a simple question but do you? One of the critical issues associated with thermal cycler use is the heating performance of the cycler's thermal block. Any deviations from the temperatures set in the PCR protocol, or inconsistencies across the thermal block, will negatively impact the reliability of the amplification process which can subsequently affect the quality and purity of the synthesised nucleic acid and any data generated using that product.

Advance Scientific has solutions that offer peace of mind

Option 1: Buy the Q-Cycler 96 Plus thermal cycler with integrated validation and calibration system

The Q-Cycler 96 Plus is a state-of-the-art thermal cycler that integrates the Hain Lifescience Q-Cycler 96 with an advanced validation and calibration system that allows an end-user to regularly monitor the thermal performance of their instrument.

The new system combines a TAS probe head that holds eight UKAS-traceable probes that are accurate to ±0.1oC with proprietary software. Once the probe head is in place and the cycler lid is closed the software begins the self-validation process. Validations can be stored in the thermal cycler to create an historical record of thermal performance or the data can be sent to a printer.

Please click here to obtain more information on the Q-Cycler 96 Plus. 

Option 2: Purchase a TAS thermal cycler diagnostic and validation system and do your own testing

The Hain Lifescience TAS thermal cycler validation system provides powerful diagnostic tools which enable a user to analyse every aspect of their thermal cycler's performance. Temperature profiles are collected and displayed by the TAS data acquisition and analysis software simultaneously and in real-time from the highly sensitive temperature probes located in the probe plate. 

These recordings provide information on thermal block accuracy and temperature uniformity, gradient operation, ramp rates, and performance at set temperatures as the thermal cycler performs a standard or gradient protocol. 

Option 3: Let Advance Scientific do the diagnostic and validation testing for you 

If you have concerns about your thermal cyclers then let Advance Scientific's skilled technicians test them for you. This can be done in your lab or you can send your cyclers to our facility. 

We will complete a full analysis using the Hain Lifescience TAS thermal cycler validation system. We will then provide you with a comprehensive report on the thermal parameters of your thermal cycler block(s) and identify any problems with your instruments. Please contact our Customer Service Department for details.


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