Advance introduces the most versatile, powerful and sensitive chemiluminescence imager ever!

Advance Scientific is delighted to introduce the Alliance Q9 series of advanced gel and blot imaging systems to the Australian Life Sciences market place. Built upon years of imaging experience the UVITEC Alliance Q9 chemiluminescence and fluorescence imaging platform offers features not found in any other existing systems on the market today. These features include 9.2 megapixel resolution, -60ºC absolute (-80ºC ambient) Peltier cooling, a dynamic range of 4.8 OD, and a panoramic f0.80 lens for an extra-wide 24 cm x 20 cm field of view and optimum signal sensitivity.

The Q9 platform also includes a series of plug and play transilluminators for UV, blue light and white light applications as well as RGB and infrared epi modules so that the Q9 can be used for chemifluorescent, blue light, infrared and multiplexing experiments too. 

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