• Gold particles, 100 nm diameter

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Gold particles, 100 nm diameter

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Applications for gold nanoparticles and microparticles are rapidly expanding in the fields of biology, biotechnology and medicine. Developments are being made in the use of gold particles for drug delivery and therapy, as sensory probes, and as contrast agents for diagnostic imaging.

Because ligands such as antibodies, proteins and DNA can be easily bound to the gold particles this opens up opportunities for the development of diagnostic tests and their use in biological and clinical research.

Promising areas of clinical use are phototherapy and photothermal therapy since gold particles can be excited by near-IR light which can be converted to heat to target tumours.


 Quantity 100 mL
 Particle concentration (per mL)
5.6 x 109
 Size distribution (CV)
10%-20% depending upon particle size
 Optical density (at 520 nm)
 Stabilising agent
Chloroauric acid (HAuCL4).

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The image associated with this microparticle is used for illustrative purposes only and is not representative of the physical characteristics of these gold particles.
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