• Solid glass beads, 1.70 mm-2.00 mm diameter

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Solid glass beads, 1.70 mm-2.00 mm diameter

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These glass beads are designed for applications where inorganic beads with high density are required. The beads are manufactured from highly purified raw materials and have a homogeneous, smooth and shining surface. They contain no air bubbles and are free from foreign particles, glass fragments and other impurities such as lead oxide (PbO).

These beads have broad application as grinding media in many areas including the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.


 Quantity 200 g pack
 Bead composition
72% SiO2, 13% Na2O and 9% CaO
2.5 gm/cm³
 Beads per gram (nominal)

More Information

Please contact our Customer Service Department to request a quotation for bulk quantities of this product.

The image associated with these glass beads is used for illustrative purposes only and is not representative of the physical characteristics of these glass beads.
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Solid Glass Beads